Trading Network Processing Rules

Hi All,
I have doubts in Trading networking related to processing rule.
My requirement is that from TN i have to execute a service of developer where i am doing some change in data in the xml document but xml structure remain same, after that update xml is to delivered to reciver patner.
For about requirement I have chosen the delivery the service in processing rule where I am executing the flow service which is doing changes in data of xml document .
Then in TN processing rule i have chosen Delivery the document to reciver patner.
My doubt is that how the updated xml document(after executing the service by processing rules) will reach to deliver the document type condition of Trading network processing rules ?.
Another doubts is :
How the Queue for Polling Mechanism work. ?. Can the reciver patner have to invoke the Trading network Database table to get the document?.


The execute service(called from processing rule-1) upon updating the xml should route the xml data back to TN(you can use service) .In TN once you receive the xml you need to use processing rule-2 whose ‘deliver doc by’ criteria to deliver the document to partner