Generate Dynamic Content In Processing Rule Email - TN, EDI


I am able to receive email using ProcessingRule actions while processing EDI using TN v6.1. I want the content of the email to contain dynamic content like SenderId, ReceiverId, DocType, etc. TradingNetworks users guide talks about how to do it but nothing seems to work for me. I tried the following without luck in the email content definition-

  1. Duplicate Control Numbers %value bizdoc/DocType/TypeName% (As documented in the TN User guide)

  2. Duplicate Control Numbers %/bizdoc/DocType/TypeName%

I receive emails but without any variable substitution.

I understand I am trying to access the pipeline variables here and AFAIK, “bizdoc” variable is available in the PL when the email rule is triggered. Not sure what I am missing here.


First did you check the variable substitution checkbox?? and make sure you have the correct xpath in place and check the pipeline bizdoc( that you are accessing the variables TypeName value is showing it in the results pipeline??

Can you elaborate more on your flow steps that how you are accessing these vars??


I may not have been clear in my post and I apologize.
I have a processing rule defined in TN to capture a generated FA 997 for an inbound X12 852. This rule is triggered for various combinations of senders and receivers. In the “Action” tab, I have “execute service” and “Alert Email” selected to send email to myself. The email is sent fine. It is only when I try to add dynamic content to the email (Like identifying the sender/receiver using bizdoc variable, etc) using variable substitution, I just get the literal string in the email as it is without the actual values.

I do not have visibility to the pipeline in the TN to make an educated guess (Or do I???). Also there is no option of checking “Variable Substitution” in TN under email section like we do in flow services in developer.

Hope I have explained it better this time and thanks for your time.


I don’t think you can do this i.e adding dynamic content to the Email in this case…Yes its internally triggered pre-processing actions and not visible.Only option is you have to generate the same email process in the executed processing service and make use of the generated bizdoc vars.


The user guide for TN actually says it is doable and gives certain examples. As you suggested, I will use the flow service that is triggered using the rule to do the same.


OK let us know if you have any more queries.