Trading Network Interface in MWS 9.12 not working properly

Hi Team,

I have installed TN and MWS 9.12 in my server , but while opening TN pages in MWS it is showing an error message “premature end of file”. Attaching the details for the same. This is happening for all of the TN pages ( transactions , profiles etc. )

Please help.

Abir Banerjee

TN912logs.txt (22.6 KB)

Issue Resolved after installing the below fixes. :slight_smile:




Very Glad to hear issue is resolved and Thanks for sharing the resolution info :slight_smile:



After installing MWS_9.12.0_Fix2 and TN_9.12_MWS_Fix2 I am still facing Premature end of file error for B2B tabs.
Could you please help me to resolve this issue.



please apply TNS_9.12_Fix2 to the IS.

This is mentioned in the readmes, that TNS_9.12_Fix2 and TN_9.12_MWS_Fix2 require each other.


In addition, if you still have the issues after having the above fix levels, then you can check the below items as part of troubleshooting

1> Check user.cnf is corrupted, if yes correct them
2> Check Central Users is configured correctly

Let us know if you still have issues.

Also something to remember (something I forgot): You will also get the Premature End of File error in MWS on many pages if you have not configured the Central Users JDBC Pool on IS.

Probably not something that many people would miss but I did this once and it cost me a week of reinstalls before I discovered my mistake!

Hi, I’m getting this same error now and not sure what to do.
I installed the version 9.12 (which is what we are licensed for), I checked the IS server configuration, JDBC Pools shows that CentralUsers has an associated pool.
The User.cnf file looks ok (as far as I can tell),
I dont believe I can install the fixes mentioned above, the’s no update manager for my version and I’d assume the fixes have been incorporated.
Anyone have any ideas what else to test?
My installation is fresh and basically an empty slate.

Hi Quang,

You can download update manager separately (from Empower) and install the fixes on the webMethods working directory.

Syed Faraz Ahmed


the latest UpdateManager version for wM 9.12 is 9.8.
It is updating itself whenever it is detecting a new version on the downloadcenter or in the fix image.

When downloading components for Wm 9.12 there is also a component for UpdateManager available, which needs to be checked additionally to the other components.

In Empower you can check what you are licensed for when going to software download pages.
As UpdateManager is a cross-component, cross-version part, which does not require explicit license, it is not directly listed in the list of licensed components. It is licensed implicitly together with the other components…


For anyone else reading this thread, for older versions of softwareAG suite,

  1. Updatemanager is installed with the other products
  2. The installer doesnt seem to set the correct file permissions to run out of the box, safest to make sure you can write to ALL folders under C:\SoftwareAG, update manager just crashes if it cannot create a .lock file.