9.9 - Can't see TN transactions, doctypes, tpas in MWS

Hi All,

I installed webMethods 9.9 IS, TN, MWS in Microsoft windows 2012r2 with mssqlserver 2014.

There are two issues,

Creation of MWS default instance failed while installation with error

JAVA_HOME not defined in C:\SoftwareAG\MWS\bin\setenv.bat

I created the new instance manually by adding JAVA_HOME to setenv.bat and the instance created successfully.

But TN transactions, doctypes and tpas are not visible in MWS, but they are in base tables.

I can see profles, document attributes in MWS.

Did any faced these issues while installing 9.9, please share.


You mentioned, transactions/doc types/tpa’s are visible in back-end, but not in MWS UI.

Did you migrate these data from a different version of webMethods? If so, did you follow upgrade procedure/TN migration scripts?


Its a fresh install, not upgraded.

Thanks for the reply

This issue is fixed as part of IS_9.9_Core_Fix2.


Cant see that fix in empower site or in update manager, I only see core_fix1


I have got the same issue. I am unable to see the TN transactions via MWS.

I cannot find IS_9.9_Core_Fix2 in Empower.


Hi all,

I too do not have observered a readme for IS_9.9_Core_Fix2 yet.

Do you mean MWS_9.9_Fix2 by chance?

There should not be any transactions and tpa´s available when this is a complete fresh install incl. database schemata.
There might be some default DocTypes but I am not sure.

So if you have transactions and tpa´s available, from where do they come (Onboarding Partners?)?


Have got confirmation from SAG.
This is a known issue on 9.9.
A fix IS_9.9_Core_Fix2 is tentatively scheduled to be released on 28th March.

Can anyone confirm that this is now fixed? We are experiencing the same issue. It’s June 2016 and we don’t see a IS_9.9_Core_Fix2 in UpdateManager.

That is strange… I was able to install it on the 29th March.
Initially I did face issues trying to install it using Command Central, but then I was able to successfully install it using Update Manager.

Just an update for anyone reading this thread.

It looks like the Core Fix2 was recalled and is being replaced by 9.9 Core Fix 3. This fix is scheduled to be released on 6/27. Once installed, I’ll confirm (or not) if it has resolved this issue.


Update from SAG, the IS_9.9_Core_Fix3 release date has been moved to 7/4.

I will continue to monitor this release.

Received confirmation that IS Core Fix 3 is now available. I have confirmed it is available via the Update Manager.

52) [ ] Integration Server
53) [ ] DEP_9.9_Fix2
54) [ ] Deployment Support for Universal Messaging 9.9 Fix 1
55) [I] IS_9.9_Core_Fix1 (Installed)
56) [ ] IS_9.9_Core_Fix 3
57) [I] IS_9.9_SPM_Fix2 (Installed)

Thanks for the updated info :smiley: