Top content and updates – H1, 2022

Find below the hottest Developer Knowledge base articles, GitHub projects, upcoming user group events and more that happened in the first half of the year.

Free trial downloads

Recently, we introduced a significant update to the webMethods Service Designer 10.11 Free Trial download, which is now supported on Linux and MacOS along with Windows. Don’t hesitate to give it a test.

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We are pleased to share that Cumulocity IoT Thin Edge got launched! It will make the integration of any IoT device with any cloud and IoT platform easy, reliable and without eco-system lock-in.

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Top content

Software AG Groups

Software AG Groups was introduced one year ago. During its first year the platform offered 76 events, out of which 54 were held virtually. In H1, 2022 the count of events in Software AG Groups is 42.

Follow a group of your interest and share with your peers and colleagues events where we can all network, collaborate and share knowledge with fellow developers and users.

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We are constantly expanding our content on GitHub with repositories to help developers accelerate their projects using Software AG products. 27 new repos were made available in H1.

Below is a short list of the hottest repositories for the period.

Repository Publisher Product
cumulocity-acme Bastian, Tristan Cumulocity IoT
cumulocity-os-repo-overview Witschel, Stefan Cumulocity IoT
cumulocity-library-blueprint Naether, Hendrix Cumulocity IoT
sagdevops-ansible-common-webmethods Sanglier, Fabien webMethods
cumulocity-smart-echart-widget Arora, Neeru Cumulocity IoT
webmethods-applinx-web-emulation Laviad, Ofir webMethods ApplinX
cumulocity-subtenant-usage-metering-microservice Bayram, Murat Cumulocity IoT

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