Postman collection for the Integration Server Admin API (5.2 KB)

Here is a Postman collection with requests that demonstrate the use of the Administrative API in webMethods Integration Server. As of version 10.11, the API has 493 operations in 84 resources. In addition to this, the framework provides APIs for MicroService Runtime, Adapter Runtime, Common Directory Services and Task Engine.

The following Postman collection utilizes a small portion of the IS API, but the patterns it demonstrates should apply throughout: HTTP methods and status codes are used consistently, naming and datatypes are predictable, the URLs have a similar structure.

The downloadable ZIP has a postman_collection file that holds the requests. The postman_environment file has variables used by the collection and default values for them. Modify the environment file as needed to work with your Integration Server.


Thank you @michael6. This is really helpful.

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