Cumulocity IoT Thin Edge available now!

Cumulocity IoT Thin Edge is available now!

Easy device enablement for Cumulocity IoT - coming with enterprise-grade support!

Roughly one year ago, we introduced, to solve the common challenges involved in the IoT enablement of industrial devices, or more specifically, to make the integration of any IoT device with any cloud and IoT platform easy, reliable and without eco-system lock-in. Since its introduction, together with our collaboration partners, we have successfully created an engaged and established community of contributors and users, leveraging and enhancing the open-source framework.

Today we are proud to announce the launch of Cumulocity IoT Thin Edge (Thin Edge), an enterprise grade offering by Software AG, centered around the open-source framework for Cumulocity IoT customers. As an extension of the Cumulocity IoT product family, Thin Edge simplifies the onboarding and enablement of devices for Cumulocity IoT. It allows organizations to deliver edge use cases that need to operate within the constraints of a small memory footprint, low compute power, and anticipated cloud communication issues. Thin Edge not only increases the speed and flexibility of organizations implementing IoT projects at the edge but enables them to leverage Cumulocity IoT’s leading device management features, including OTA software management, on a broad range of devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), protocol gateways and devices using Linux-based operating systems.

As a Cumulocity IoT customer, you will gain the following benefits linked to Thin Edge:

  • :arrow_right: Instantly and securely connect your devices to Cumulocity IoT - shortening response times, improving reliability and reducing upstream bandwidth.
  • :arrow_right: Remove the complexity linked to keeping software, and apps updated in the field, whilst providing unrivalled security and reliability when it comes to securely connecting and maintaining devices that operate in live operational environments.
  • :arrow_right: Take away the limitations associated with rolling out updates across all devices or with capturing consistent data for preventative maintenance – breaking down the barriers of hardware and software fragmentation.
  • :arrow_right: Meet IT and OT needs by transforming single purpose gateways into flexible platforms running IoT services and apps, thus reducing IoT solution development time and cost.

Get started with the open-source or contact us for the enterprise-grade product - Cumulocity IoT Thin Edge. We would be delighted to support you with your current or future IoT projects that you are looking to deploy at the edge.

The IoT & Analytics team @ Software AG

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