Tomcat not supported in Webmethods latest version

We have web application (UI) running in Tomcat server available with webMethods Integration server. IS version 9.7 is currently being used. It seems Tomcat is not supported in latest webMethods Integration server. What is SAG recommendation for migrating the components running in Tomcat to latest webMethods integration server?

For the user who has existing web applications based on the WmTomcat package can move to webMethods Application Platform 10.1 and this product does not require a separate license.

Although WmTomcat is deprecated, Software AG is still supporting WmTomcat in IS 9.12.

Thank you. We are planning to upgrade to webMethods 10.1. Whether the WAR (code) from existing Tomcat webserver (IS 9.7) can be migrated as is to webMethods Application Platform during upgrade. Is there any modification to web application code is required during upgrade for the application to work?

Is there any documentation available with webMethods for web application migration during upgrade?