To list the actions of all processing rules


I want to list all the services (which are being called in the action), of ALL processing rules.

Can please some one help me in this, if there is any util (java) in place.:confused:

Env. Details : webM V 7.1.3

Thank you,

There is no built in way or utility to retrieve the processing rules action/definitions…

May be you can check more on the TN DB tables see if you can explore more on there:


I could see a column defined in the table ‘Processing Rule’ as “RuleData BLOB NULL” that carries blob data. I don’t have an env where I can see the content of this blob, but looks like only in this the information about action will be stored. I don’t see any other relevant tables where this is being stored. Give it a try to read this blob and see if that helps you figure out what you are looking for…


Thank you CityB,

Using Toad, even I don’t have permission to look into blob.(added its a HeavyBlob data) Will workout using java.


You can take some help from DBA.

Hi,Built in flow service returns a list of all the processing rules. In fact it’s a vector of RoutingRuleMetaData objects, IData API can be used to access the elements. Then can be used to get the processing service/actions by rule internal ID or rule name.Regards,rhm

Yes this is a another custom program way to do this but not straight forward though dealing with API’s etc…