Service for getting Partners lsit,Processing rule etc

Is there any srevice which we can use to get partners details,document types in tn,processing rules in TN and TPA.I checked services in wMTN package,but I did not get any service.

Look into “Query Folder” of “Trading_Networks Built-In Services Reference”. There are services for getting your desired information, you just need to create the query for that first.


try with below services.—profile
Also refer Trading Networkds Built in Services Reference Guide for more details.

-V S Pachica.

Thanks for your reply.I want to get thos data without passing any input.The queryservices are required senderID,receiverID etc information.which I dont want to pass.For DocumentTypes one service is passing any input we can get all documentTypes through service.Like that I want for processingrule,TPA and partner,One service is this service we can get all information .But except doctypes all other are coming in format.I am not getting how to extract data from this.I am unable to convert it to general object or string.for example.Below red marked is the processing Rule.

[>>>BasicData:RuleName=Profile Validation Standard Fields,RuleDescription=Fires,Disabled?=false,SenderID=null,ReceiverID=null,DocTypeID=[0]0af00103f70d0bcc00000000,UserStatus=null,HasErrors=don’t care,PreRoutingFlags=>>>BasicData:verify?=no,validate?=no,persist?=no,unique?=don’t care,persistOption?=persist none,