Determining if processing rules are processed

I use EDIINT:receive service in one of my flow service to send data to TN. In TN I have a few processing rules for processing this data. I need to perform some action (say sending out an email) once all the processing on my data is complete (i.e. all processing rules have executed to completion). Is there a way to find this out from within the flow service which calls the receive service?

Mark IV

This is kind of urgent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks !!

Inside each service that you invoke using the processing rule, you can set an output variable and assign a particular value. Then in the processing rule output, you can specify the variable name as %value outputvariablename%. Then in the flow that you submit the document to TN, you can check for the value of this variable and make sure the processing was complete or not.
thanks and good luck.

Thanks, actually if i invoked EDIINT Receive and the rules are set to process synchronously then the invoking flow did not go to the next step untill all the processing rules were “processed”. This however stopped working after applying the WmEDI Fix where it applied SP2 to WMEDIINT package.

What was happening was that this patch has replaced the normal “” service in the processPayLoad flow with routeXML and somehow when one uses routeXML it does not work like service (Thats probably the way routeXML was designed to work). So all I had to do was to revert to previous version of the package and things are back on track.

Thanks for your help anyways, its good to learn hundred ways of doing the same thing . Sometimes atleast one might work…


Mark IV