To get TN DocType Schemas created in all the nodes of the cluster


We have two nodes in a B2B cluster on 7.1.2. Recently I observed that when I install any TN document type from WmEDI home page from any one of the nodes, the corresponding dictionary and schema is only getting created in that particular node only and not in the other node of the cluster. In /WmTN/config/properties.cnf file I have defined the remote alias for each other and the same remote aliases are created in the IS Admin pages. The remote alias connectivity is also working fine.

Is there any configuration issue here? How to resolve it?


What is the setting of tn.cluster.notifyCacheChange?

Even I have noticed the same issue on 712 and have this setting already:

tn.cluster.notifyCacheChange = true

I had to go install EDI doc types on the 2 IS nodes manually…to have Schema show up
in the EDIFFSChema folder.


Oops. I missed the part “the corresponding dictionary and schema”.

The TN notification facility won’t take care of that. You either need to copy the IS package from one node to the other or do the EDI doc type install on both.

YES correct this is the only option we have:

RMG & Rob,

did it ever work in any version of WM (6.5 or 8.2)? Currently I am doing the same thing; install the doc types from one node, disable the doc types in TN and reinstall it from the other node to have the schemas getting created there too, avoiding copy through developer.

Wondering how come we lived this far with this limitation :wink:


The install of the doc types needs to be done on each node. The TN sync does not do anything to create the IS schemas on the “other” node.

Also, one typically needs to do manual steps on (each) IS aftewards to create the desired IS doc types from the schemas.

Thanks Rob.

YES that is the way it is from the beginning and no change in the manual steps: