TN on clustered Interation Servers.

Hello everyone. :slight_smile:
We use clustered Integration Servers(serverA, serverB); IS 7.1.3, TN 7.1.2
I added a XML document type and set one of the element to extract as GroupID in TN Consol that connected to serverA.
As TN database is shared by both servers, I don’t need to do same thing on serverB.
However, TN couldn’t extract GroupID when processing data on serverB.
I connected TN through serverB, and just saved the XML document type without any change.
Now, GroupID is extracted on both sides.
I also checked GroupID in bizdoc table and some of them were empty.
When I used TN 6.5, it never happened.
I wonder why this happened on TN 7.
Is there any fix or specific setting when clustered IS?

Please advise.
Thanks in advance.

Some times when you change/update some TN items (especially Queues,rules,TPA’s,attributes) on ServerA it won’t effect/show on Server B…So try to reload WmTN package on ServerB and it should all set for you:


There are TN config settings that when items are changed on one TN instance it will tell the others in the TN cluster to reload their metadata. I don’t recall the properties but the TN guide covers this.

Thanks for quick response, guys. :slight_smile:

Here are the few properties that you can update and reload WmTN:

tn.cluster.notifyCacheChange = true
tn.cluster.notifyProfileAddUser = true
tn.cluster.notifyPropertyChange = true

Even this sometimes you will see no update behavior:


Yes. I found those properties in Trading Networks Administration Guide and add them to WmTN\config\properties.cnf.
However, I had no idea it sometimes doesn’t work. :frowning:
Thank you for your information. :slight_smile:

Yes you are not alone: