Clustered TN's Doc Types and Proc Rules out of sync

Greetings wmPeople !

We have 2 IS nodes in a cluster with Trading networks on each clustered too.
OS=Windows 2003.
IS/TN =v6.5

We got the IS patched with the following updates:

The doc types on one node( primary) cannot be seen on the secondary node.
Infact we dont know where the doc types on secondary node are from !?!?
It all comes back to normal once we reload the wMTN package.
The issue about the doc types is quite weird as this doesnt happen at any certain time and we cannot reproduce this issue to isolate it.

Secondly the Processing rules act out-of-sync too.
A change in a processing rule on node 1 will not be reflected on node 2.
Even though both are in a cluster and this is an undesired/unexpected behaviour.

The DB tables have the correct values.
We have modified the wMTN properties file to reflect the clustering configs
( This was done on each node).

But alas it still doesnt work.
Any suggestions please? All assistance is monumentally appreciated.

Are the remoteAliases on each node customized for each node? That is, node1 indicates Server2 while node2 indicates Server1? Are the server alias definitions on each node accurate and functioning correctly?

I checked and ive double checked.
Server 1 has server 2 as remote alias and vice versa.
Any other nooks and corners you think i might be overlooking?


You think i might be missing out on a patch or an update?

That’s a possibility. If you’ve confirmed all the set up then it sounds like a call to tech support is in order.

Turned out to be a Oracle RAC issue where it confuses the tables( different schemas) with same names.
So we will be moving to a different DB.
Thanks for all the help Rob.