TN setup


This is regarding the document exchange through Trading networks.
We have a trading networks hub.
One of our partners connects to another marketplace through our hub.
When we look at the Transactions thru our Transaction analysis tab in the TN Console, In the Sender column
our name(hub) is displayed instead of the actual sender.
How can we setup TN so that the actual trading partner who has sent the document is
displayed in the senders column.
We are working on TN 4.5.1 along with chem module 4.5.

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.


Just you need to do few things.

1.Set up and create your trading partner profile (ie Sender)with external ids like Duns or mutually defined or custom.

So when ever you receives documents from any trading partner depending upon the external ids which you have set up in the partner profile that will take care of senders name and i believe you are already created processing rules also for your transactions inbound or outbound actions.


Thanks for your response.The requirement is a little bit different.

Let me explain the scenario

We have a different business unit which puts their documents in an MQSeries queue.
Our Webmethods server pulls the docs from the queue and forwards them to TN.From the TN these docs are sent to a Marketplace.
We are using the Elemica Conn pkg and the Chem estandards module 4.5.
As we are connected to the MarketPlace it looks for our DUNS to accept the documents.

Here what happens is when we send the doc to a marketplace it just shows the sender name as our corporate name instead of the Business unit who is the actual sender.

Our business unit uses TNWeb manager to view the Transactions.

Is there any way thru which we can develop some flows or setup the TN so as to show the actual sender before the document is persisted in the database.


I understand your application b2b logic but not so clear yet about sender focal role either your corporate or your partner who is going to send the documents to your hub…

I belive since you are using chem module eStandards you might be using TN conversations component and so your system uses the echem conversation standards and conversation scripts will take care of focal roles according to TN profile setup…

sorry if i am missing some thing with your question…

I understand your problem.

You can do this

Call the TN recognize service

This will give a particular sender and receiver in the pipeline. Then replace your sender id with the sender id that you want, in the pipeline and call then call TN submit.

This will work.