Unble to send document to TN partner

I’m implementaing a small scenario of TN using 2 system. I’m trying to submit a document from one TN to other TN. for this i’m using wm.tn.submit service to submit to the sender TN and in the processing rule of sender TN i’m using the delivery methods option and selected receiver preffered protocol.
Can any one help how to send a document to other trading network with out using an execute a service.

Hi Rock,

In TN1 create a partner for TN2 and in the partner profile go to ‘Devlivery Method’. Choose ‘Primary HTTP’ and here give the host name and port of the second TN. The location will be /wm.tn/receive . Don’t alter this. Provide username and password.

Create a processing rule in TN1, select the doc type, sender and receiver. Go to ‘action’ tab. Select ‘Deliver Document By’ and choose the option ‘Receivers Preferred Protocol’ and save it.
On TN2 create the same document type that you are sending from TN1.
Now submit the document to TN1 using any service. Check in the transaction analysis in TN1. Open the transzaction and go to ‘Tasks’ tab. In that one ‘task’ will be created for delivering the bizdoc to TN2 and check the status of the task to make sure your bizdoc is sent to TN2 successfully.

To process the bizdoc on the receiver side, you can create a processing rule that invokes a service when the document comes.