TN Pool ...

I am trying to figure out how to access the TN Pool from C# … under the IS → Settings → JDBC Pools you can test the TN Pool connection and also edit the TN Pool connection to change the password. This process, along with the other areas of the application, seems to complex for our field users so I am creating a Client app that allows them to change all passwords in one spot.

I can find all the services to access the custom connections, and the wmDB connections, and I’ve even found which returns some values including the connection status. But I cannot find the service that will allow me to update the password … any assistance you can provide is appreciated!

I believe you cannot update the password programatically…

Internally pools are stored in a config file:


IS711 is the pwd in this case…


I have found that file … \webMethods6\IntegrationServer\config\jdbc\pool\TN Pool.xml (we are still using v6.5 for now)

but the value I have is: Pool
and TN Pool is the name of the jdbc pool alias not the actual password.

Thank you and any other suggestions are definitely welcomed.

There is no/API out of box you can update passwords programatically and for security reasons they are encrypted internally as far i know.


Although i don’t think it’s good idea to do this, following may help you get started:
the dsp pages that used to edit the JDBC pool:

you can use it to find the input parameters to feed the service.
the services that you can use to add/update:




I have found those services in the .dsp files and through the Packages->Management page but the test link does not accept inputs and they are not listed in wM Developer. I was thinking that I could pass an http request with form values (as the .dsp does) and that would probably work but seems messy.

I know the standard thinking is probably that our idea for this client app is not a good idea but the nature of our system necessitates an easier way to validate connections and change passwords. Our SAs are not computer people, but more generally functional users who have been stuck with the “additional duty” of maintaining a database server and webMethods server. All to often we get constant calls of expired passwords or changed passwords in the database but not in the appropriate pages for webMethods. This client app is designed to give them an instant status check and flag any connections where the password has expired or is due to expire and allow them to change … all from a single spot.

I really appreciate the help … I’m pretty new to wM development (primarily a C# developer) but I have been supporting the use of Integration Server for the past few years so it is just taking me a while to tie together the knowledge I have from both sides.

Can the following services be called from .NET or Java, etc?


I know Tong will reply…but…

Those are internal services (WmRoot) proprietary to wM/IS and cannot be exposed outside.Having said this if you still need to invoke WmRoot services the ACL/security for these services the user that invokes must have Administrator privileges and change to anonymous at your own risk…Yes i believe can call these services with Invocation from Java/.net passing args to service inputs.


Thanks to RMG on warning about the usage right of internal services. You may want to check on that front first.

If you really need to do it from .net. Here is want I will do:

  1. create WM local services, one for updating user/password, one for status check, etc.
  2. generate WSDL for each of these services.
  3. load WSDL into your .net application and build UI on top of it.