Automatic password change with WxPassword package

products versions - webMethods Integration Server version: 9.12 and above


A common requirement is the automatic change of passwords for built-in users. This can be done with the WxPassword package.


Access to file system of Integration Server

Steps to follow

Complete instructions available on GitHub


  • Shut down Integration Server
  • Download package ZIP file from GitHub. A Git clone will not work, since the repository does not contain the compiled Java code
  • Extract ZIP file into $IS_HOME/packages/WxPassword
  • Define environment variables
  • Start Integration Server

Next steps

If you miss features, please request them via GitHub issues

Useful links | Relevant resources

Video with quick demo


Hi Christoph,

nice idea, but what about all those packages, which use Admistrator in their config for interacting with MWS, like WmMonitor, WmTaskClient etc.?


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Thanks for the feedback.

The current version was developed with pure MSR running inside Container images in mind. I hope that explains why the things you mention are currently missing.

Your points make sense to me! Do you want to put them into GitHub issues? Would using the package with those additions be something you consider? I am asking because adding stuff that nobody is using would be a bit of waste of time. :wink:

Again, thanks for taking the time to look into this!

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Hi Christoph,

sure, I can put this on GitHub Issues.

I would consider using this package then.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to use it as we have just retired our webMethods-based project due to various reasons and have migrated the integrations to other platforms.


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In order to use it within containers, the need to set environment variables to active it seems to be not a good choice, this flag (if any) should be part of the package itself.

Feel free to elaborate on your concerns using a GitHub issue. Likewise, I am open to alternative ways to specify passwords as well as enabling the execution of the changes.