TN for internal EAI document exchange ?

Do we need to have TN setup to interact with our own internal enterprise applications? Do we need to treat them as our internal partners ?. We normally use TN for communicating with our external partners. For document exchange in the EAI space, simply the triggers & their associated services will not do the trick ?

Any inputs would be highly appreciated.

You can use triggers to kick of a service on the arrival of documents in TN. Thats is how the Process Models do that too.

You can also use Processing Rules to kick off a particular service based on the arrival of a document.

The real questions when using TN to route documents for processing is simple;

  1. How do you want to distinguish documents (one from another)?
  2. How do you want to route the documents within webMethods? AND TRACK THE ROUTING

As simple example when it makes sense to use internal applications as “partners