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In 6.5, I’ve got an xml document setup in trading networks. Document identification seems to work fine. However, extracting values from the document fails whenever the namespace prefixes are different than what is declared on the namespace tab.

For example, let’s say I’ve got document INVOICE with a root node of invoiceroot and have defined the namespaces on the namespace tab using abc=http://document/version1. When an INVOICE comes in, it is recognized because it has the invoiceroot as the root node. However, this incoming document uses a different namespace prefix. For example, 123=http://document/version1. At this point, it seems TN can’t query the document to extract attributes like senderID because the queries for the document type were built off of a namespace of abc. In legal xml, the namespace prefixes can be anything and I need TN to be able to accept all variations of the namespace prefixes since they would still fit the namespace standard. Does anyone know of a solution or a workaround?



Did you find the fix for this ? i have the same issue.

First query was raised 14 years before in WM 6.5 version. :slight_smile:
Can you post your exact query and version for this community to help?


Hi JonVaughan,

There is nothing wrong with replying to this old post, but if you would tell us the error you are receiving or the exact issue you are facing along with product version details. It would be helpful for the community and to you as well to get the correct solution.

If the problem is the same as posted at the beginning of this thread still, then we need to define all possible prefixes in TN to get the document fields extracted correctly. If the prefix is not defined then the literal string in the XML tag will be considered as an element and due to which attribute won’t be extracted.

Please webMethods Trading Networks Administrator’s Guide for more details.

Firoz N

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I didn’t notice that the first post was so old ! however i am surprised that TN still doesn’t handle namespaces in a way that reflects the specification.

I did solve the issue by adding the extra namespace prefix mappings in the document declaration.

Thanks for the replies.

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Thanks for the update and closing comments.

Firoz N


might be worth to open a Feature Request at Brainstorm (can be reached via Empower) to get this checked and changed.