Using a namespace


I’m trying to create a tsd from an xsd that uses a namespace load a document to it.
There are no inclusions and this single namespace defined by this xsd covers all elements in the schema, so the issue of TSD not supporting different namespaces below the schema level shouldn’t be an issue (if I’ve understood the other namespace discussions on this forum correctly).

There were a few issues I had to work through to get the schema to load (the tsd:doctype/@name seemed to require me to use my namespace prefix, as did the xpath specified by tsd:which), but after I figured these out by trial and error, it now accepts my schema just fine.

However when I try to load documents using this schema, which are valid according XMLSpy, Xerces, and the Sun MSV, Tamino doesn’t like them. It doesn’t seem to understand or accept the xmlns declation in the document, and doesn’t like the element names unless I explicitly prefix them.

Is this a known limitation, or is it something worth digging into further?



Hi Eric,

Would it be possible to post the xsd and/or the tsd schemas to the forum?

Puny Sen


you are right it is a current limitation that the prefix of the schemas targetnamespace identifies the namespace of the instances.
Next Tamino version will be better.

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