TN Doc Type for multiple partners

I have a doc type called xCBLOrder35
I want all of my partners to be able to use this doc type— No problem here

I want to test a new partner allowing them to use a doc type called xCBLOrder35Single.
I get ambiguous doc error and I do understand why I am getting it.

The question is
Is there any way I can assign multiple partner id to the doc called xCBLOrder35 so it will ignore my new partner? Frankly I wish this worked like the processing rules… take the first one you find and ignore the rest.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think WmMarketConnectTN can support this…May be you have to use some other custom attributes (extract tab section) identifiers from the Document itself.

Just a thought!


I appreciate the feedback

Since it sounds like it may be custom anyway, change the root tag of the new doc type to be unique. That way doc recognition can be unambiguous.

Or change some other field attribute that is in one type but not the other.

2009-11-11 16:42:16 EST pub.client:http 504 Proxy Timeout ( The connection timed out. For more information about this event, see ISA Server Help. )


Anyone experienced the above error on their IS hosting the TN.
Please share any experiences on the above as its been a recurring problem on our production servers and is eventually leading to the IS to loose threads and we have to re-start the server.

Vijay Kumar