TN Console Access


I have a problem. Our testers need to see the transaction in TN Console during their testing. What kind of access should I give to them without modifying any Document Type or Processing Rule? I should give them a Read Access only but I don’t know how. I tried creating a user account for them and put them in TNGuest ACL but it seems doesn’t work.

Please help.


Do you guys know how to disable the B2B Integrator button in TN Console?

Also, how can I set up a read access only in TN Console? Is that possible?

Hi Faith -
There is a WM-supplied package called WmTNWeb that gives configurable web-based access of the type you want.

However, to be allowed check documents from/to more than one partner, the tester’s login must be made a member of the TNAdministrator group . This is no problem if you can deny access to the TN console Java program, but otherwise, it is a sticking point. If you search the archives, you’ll see this permissions issue was been raised with WM with no resolution.