TN can not recognize xml document with "EUC-JP" encoding

Hi all

I 'm having a problem with my TN, My TN can not recognize xml document that have encoding is “EUC-JP”(<?xml version="1.0" encoding="EUC-JP"?>), it work fine with “UTF-8” encoding
When i load a sample xml that have encoding is “EUC-JP” for test, the error message is
" Error loading sample document
Please make use that the correct encoding is set for this file or select a different sample document"
If any boby have meet same problem before, please give me your solution

Thanks a lot

Please tell me your IS version,thanks!

May be you can try with other Japanese encoding like “ISO-2022-JP” etc…??

Talk to tech support whether the “EUC-JP” is supported…unless you use webMethods JP version.



Thanks for reply, i have solve this problem, i save this document with UTF-8 encoding, so it does not recognize some chacracter.


HI All,

I am testing some XML files in my TN setup. When I use the the Document Submission form the TN properties , the processing rule identifies the doc and executes perfectly.

But When I try to submit the same XML doc from another IS using the service, the document is not processed.

The encoding shows as :application/x-www-form-urlencoded

This is creating an issue with the XML processing.

Can anyone suggest the best way to test the TN setup from another IS?


When you submit the document via pub.client:http, how are you sending it? Document, string, etc.

I find the best results when I send it as a string called $xmldata under the data/args field.

Apart from the said above,also set the headers/Content-Type=“text/xml” (using SetValue) in the http service.