The RSS feeds for this forum are invalid


could you please fix the RSS feeds for this forum. I would love to subscribe to the discussions here, but all the feeds are broken.

I have already mentioned this a few times and the feeds seemed to work for a while, but now all I get when I open a feed is a stacktrace.

For me, feeds are such a crucial feature in discussion forums, I simply can’t understand why they don’t work in any new platform Software AG introduces (same goes for the wiki, where the feeds were disabled altogether from the beginning).

If you fix the feeds, please be sure to use a feed validator and check them for correctness.

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Hi Stefan,

It seems that you have clicked/copied the link that brings you to the forum topic and not on the RSS icon that opens the RSS feed URL. Can you please try clicking on the RSS icon which will use the correct feed URL: . Please let us know if the problem persists with you then, so that we can research further and provide assistance.

And thanks a lot for bringing up this topic - it may be indeed quite confusing to users and that is why we will remove the link to the post and keep only the RSS link

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Hi Desislava,

the link you provided is the exact same link I’ve tried before. When I follow it, I get the attached error message.

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Hello Stefan,

Thanks a lot for the provided additional details - we are currently trying to reproduce the problem and address it. We will further follow up with you when done.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience in resolving this.

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Hello Stefan,

Just wanted to follow up - we have identified the problem with the RSS feeds observed on your side and we will contact you offline for some additional details. Hope that is OK with you.

Best regards,
Your Tech Community Team

Does RSS feeds work here? If yes can you please share the link for RSS feeds?


There’s an orange “feed” icon on most of the pages next to the topic name or breadcrumb.

Got it. Thanks :slight_smile: