Testing the flow from TN to the flow service


I want to test the complete flow for the message moving from the partner to the TN to the flow service. Can i do a testing independently, as the partner environment is not yet ready.

I can submit the XML from the browser which the partner would be sending. But then when the TN receives it, it shows received from Unknown. What do i need to do to so that i can do the complete flow testing.


You have to Create a dummy partner profile in TN and assign
externalID (DUNS or userdefined or mutuallydefined)along with test PartnerName(Receiver) and ofcourse Sender will be your enterprise hub.

So, once TN receives your test xml doc then depending upon the processingRule you have setup with SenderID,ReceiverID and DocumentType which will be extracted by the identifying queries in the DocumentType definition,you can successfully perform this testing scenario and will show up in TransactionAnalysis with proper sender,receiver,doctypes and trigger the appropriate processing action.

Usually everybody have to pass this unit testing phase before they go to end-end partner testing phase.

Pls try this scenario,it should work…


Hi Sandip,
U can test the flow. First u have to create the partner profile. In TN, go to profile and be sure to give the DUNS number of ur partner. This will be unique and identify documents from ur partner. I am assuming that u already created doc types and processing rules. Now when u send xml document from browser, TN will recieve it and fires a processing rule which in turn executes some service which u wrote in developer.
U can also trace the flow within the developer. For that, u have to include pub.flow:savePipelineToFile and pub.flow:RestorePipelineFromFile in ur flow. When u send document, enable savePipelineToFile and disable restorePipeLineFromFile. After sending document, trace it by enabling restorepipeline and disable savepipeline.


thanx RMG for your response. I should get this.

Is it possible with TN to do other way. Meaning sending outbound messages to the partner. In the flow service i invoke the routeXML which would allow me to send the xml to TN, and TN then can send to the partner.
What configuration difference do i need to take care.

yes,(inbound & outbound)testing can be done by above mentioned scenario,send a PO Request to your partner hub and receive the
PO Response message back to your HUB.

For doing this You need to set up the TN profiles as a bidirectional gateway or you can also perform testing talking between 2 different webmethods servers setup on your local ,totally depends on your time for doing this way.