Terrible experience

I downloaded the trial version of webmethods and tried to use the Guide on the installation process (a link is provided to it) to do the actual install. What a terrible experience the whole process is.

There is very little explanation given, which would be ok if the pages that told you what to do actually matched the pages that you see in the Installation wizard. But they don’t. Do they even try and keep this Guide up to date?

I stumbled my way through the installation as well as I could given the faulty information in the Guide. Saw quite a few errors but it looked like it finally installed and asked me to reboot my machine.

Did the reboot and there is no Software AG on my program list (I’m using Windows 10). So I’m guessing it didn’t work??

I’m pretty amazed that Software AG thinks this is a good experience for someone looking at their product for the first time?

I did the installation again, selected different installation options (just guessed) and this time it seemed to install ok. I can at least see the Software AG list in my program list.

Hi Allen,

Thanks for providing us with your feedback. We have created the help materials based on a Win7 installation and will now recreate and update them further to help Win10 users, too.

Sorry for the caused frustration! We’re working on providing you with more helpful materials.

Kinds regards,