Terracotta Clean up


Can we remove the dirty-object-xxxxx folder which are in terracotta-ee-gt 3.5.4/data/server-data/node/dirtry-objectdb-backup folder? as is consuming more space.



yes those folders can be deleted.

also to check on the numbers of these folders you can set - ‘l2.nha.dirtydb.rolling’ property

“l2.nha.dirtydb.rolling” is about limiting the amount of backups that are kept in the dirty-objectdb-backup folder, being the max backup count you want to keep.

Just modify the tc-config.xml file and add a tc-properties section if absent:

or just add the extra property element if present.

NOTE: not sure if this property is supported with version 3.5.4( you mentioned in your question), please check with available documentation.