TECHniques - Issue 2, 2023

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Hot Topic Embed ChatGPT Bot for Cisco Webex Teams
By Suresh Ganta, Principal Product Manager, Integration, Software AG

Give users of Cisco® Webex Teams access to ChatGPT’s natural language processing capabilities and task automation through integration with

Microservice Monitoring in Cumulocity IoT
By Stefan Witschel, Ecosystem Manager, IoT Ecosystem, Software AG

Large IoT solutions often consist of multiple microservices serving different purposes and might be critical for the overall success of that solution. Get to know what microservice monitoring is and why it is important to monitor your microservices.

ChatGPT Integration Example: NPS Survey Response with Moderation
By Dave Pemberton, Sr Director, Product Management, Integration PM, Software AG

The article highlights the integration of ChatGPT with an NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey response system, which allows businesses to obtain customer feedback in a more personalized and efficient manner. The integration also includes a moderation feature that ensures the responses received are appropriate for further analysis.

What’s New

Deep dive into the new features of ARIS 10 SR 22
By Elke Bastian, Director ARIS Product Marketing, Software AG

ARIS is the only tool on the market that fully integrates process mining, process design, and risk and compliance management. Check out the new features of ARIS 10 SR22 and see how they can increase your efficiency.

“The best stories are yours” series – part 4
By Customer Advocacy Marketing, Software AG

Read about some of our latest customer success stories and get inspired by how other companies are successfully implementing Software AG products in their digital transformation initiatives.

eDelivery in Europe & Beyond with webMethods AS4 eDelivery Conformant Solution
By Suresh Ganta, Principal Product Manager, Integration, Software AG

A Building Block is an open and reusable digital solution endorsed by the European Commission. Learn about what eDelivery is, how it works, and what are its benefits.

Techie Deep Dive

Cumulocity IoT Data-Grid Tutorial Series
By Christian Guether, Principal Consultant IoT & Devices, Software AG

Check out part 1 of the c8y-data-grid tutorial series. Explore the features of the grid and its properties, as well as a first code example of how to use it.

DevOps for Integration
By Srinivasan Sabapathy, Senior Principal Consultant, PS Delivery - Integration & API, Software AG

Learn how to design and set up an automated CI/CD process and framework for Integration using the inbuilt APIs (or CLI).

Salesforce Listener error event call-back support in
By Thamizharasu Soundrapandian, Senior Product Manager, Integration, Software AG

Get to know how to configure the error call-back service for Salesforce Listener and make sure your external Salesforce events are handled properly in all situations.


Top Community members Q1 2023
By Toni Petrov, Manager Global Communities, Dev Marketing & Communities, Software AG

Meet the top community members for the first quarter of 2023.

Community Highlights - Q1 2023
By Stefan Atanasov, Marketing Intern, Developer Marketing & Communities, Software AG

Discover the most notable activities and achievements in the Software AG Tech Community from the past quarter.

Blueprints for the IoT Hackathon 2023
By Stefan Witschel, Ecosystem Manager, IoT Ecosystem, Software AG

Are you going to IUG in Budapest and would like to experiment with Cumulocity IoT? Come to know more details about available devices and topics you can work on during the hackathon. Don’t miss registering!

IUG Conference 2023 agenda is now live!
By Tina Frey, Sr Manager, Global Events, Software AG

The IUG Conference is right around the corner. The agenda is live, and there is something for everyone!

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