Blueprints for the IoT Hackathon 2023

IoT Hackathon 2023

As you might already know there will be an IoT Hackathon on 14th June 2023 at the IUG in Budapest:

With this article I want to give more details about available devices & potential topics you can work on during that Hackathon!


First, let’s talk about devices. We will have plenty of them available during that hackathon. Here is just a small list of devices we will bring:

Of course we are open to bring your devices as well!


Having the devices in mind, you can think of several use cases you can implement with them. I tried to separate them in end-to-end solutions and technical use cases. Here I just want to highlight some of them.

End-to-End solutions

Smart Farming

As a farmer, you want to optimize the output of your fields & sheds. To make your farm & fields smart you can use moisture, temperature, illuminance, distance, and many other sensors connected to your solution.
Weather is an important factor for farmers to make sure their output is optimized end of the season.

Track Anything

With geo data and a local tracker, you are capable of tracking nearly anything. The main benefit of tracking is to see where objects currently are, visualized on a map, and what their status is.
The tracking use case is very heterogeneous. It starts with small equipment, machines, moving vehicles, and sensitive cargo up to indoor localization of people and things.

Condition Monitoring

When using complex machines or equipment in complex processes you need to have insight into how these machines behave and how they can be improved.
Condition monitoring gives you insight into your machine to check which condition it is currently in. Also very often the OEE is used to calculate the overall equipment efficiency enabled by condition monitoring.

Smart Beer Bar

Have you ever dreamed about a fully automated beer bar? Here you can implement your dream! Make the beer barrel connected and smart! Use distance sensors to check if the glass is already full and let the beer flow! With a scale, you might want to check if the barrel gets empty.
Wanted to make a game out of it using additional sensors or your smartphone? Here is your chance!

Technical solutions

ChatGPT Integration

ChatGPT helps you in several IoT Use Cases. For example, it can help to give guidance about using Cumulocity IoT or suggest configuration.
In this challenge, you are integrating ChatGPT to Cumulocity IoT which could be any kind of widget or plugin containerization can be used to integrate & certify devices. On gateways, one requirement might be to flexibly add software in the form of containers. Here you can try out the first prototype and extend it to your needs.

C8Y chatBot powered by IBM Watson

With IBM Watson Assistant & Discovery we empower the Cumulocity IoT documentation so basic questions can be asked to a chatBot that will provide valuable answers.
Ideally that to be developed model is directly integrated to Cumulocity IoT by a to be developed UI plugin.

More blueprints and ideas

For full description of blueprints please see the following document
IoT Hackathon 2023.pdf (1.5 MB)

Join us!

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