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At the end of this article, you would be able to understand how you can configure error call-back service for Salesforce listener and manage your Salesforce events efficiently with the platform.


Every data is important for your business decisions. Salesforce CRM events are pretty much important to collect all the changes happening inside their platform. provides an excellent capability to listen to those events and react to those events based on your business requirement.
But this has some limitation. When you have more than one communication hobs in your integration, there may be a chance to lose some events (network going down, shouldnā€™t cause losing events, as we have replay option which will replay from the last received event) due to network challenges or events busts. Events drop leads to a business loss in some contexts.


To solve this problem, introduced an error call-back functionality for Salesforce Listener. Using this capability, as an integration developer, you will be able to configure error call-back service and you will be notified when something goes wrong with the Salesforce listener communication. This way you can make sure your external Salesforce events are handled properly in all situations.


In this section, you will see the detailed steps on how to configure the error call-back for Salesforce Listener.

Step #1

Under the listener configuration, you will see a configuration for error call-back service. Click the + icon to configure a new error call-back service. This is a simple flow service, but it should follow the ā€˜errorCallbackServiceā€™ specification.

Step #2

Primarily the ā€˜errorCallbackServiceā€™ specification provides 2 parameters (errorDetails and result). This will have the required details and you can further emit the data to other layers in your integration call-back services.

Once you got an event, you can design your own steps in the flow service pipeline and pass on the error event data to other layers or call other external services. So that you will have a complete visibility on the failed events, and you can take decisions on how to handle those error events.

In the recent releases, we have done lots of enhancement to provide a predictable communication with Salesforce systems. I hope the error event call-back will further make sure your integrationā€™s stability is improved.

Technical details

While having a communication with Salesforce system, connector system has implemented the fault tolerance capabilities to improve the stability of the communication. We have already had the retry and timeout settings available in our communication. This would make sure to repair the intermittent communication failures. But in some cases, the communication will not be recovered. During those situations, the error call-back event handler will give the full control to the integrators to allow them to plan their next course of actions.


This enhancement will be available in 10.16 version on-wards. Please check the status page for more details (

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