Configure Listeners for Salesforce events in Integration


This article describes the step-by-step process of configuring listeners for Salesforce events in Integration


  • The user needs to have an active Salesforce account.

  • Active Integration cloud tenant.


  1. Switch to Configurations tab.

  2. Navigate to FlowService → Triggers → Listeners.

  3. Click on New Listener.

  4. Select the API version of your choice and click Next.

  5. Fill in Listener Name.

  6. Specify Endpoint URL , Event reply option and the Subscription channel. Select the pre-configured account if it is available or create a new account by clicking on + icon.

    Refer Salesforce Account configuration for more information on account configuration.

  7. Provide the Event subscription channel in default value as per your choice.

  8. Select the FlowService to invoke on receiving events from Salesforce.

  9. Select the User to execute the FlowService specified in the previous step.

  10. Review the Listener configuration and save.

  11. Enable the Listener.

We are done, FlowServices gets invoked whenever the listener receives the events from Salesforce. Monitor the FlowService execution results under Monitor section.

Refer developer guide for more details.