Tamino Workbench version 2.3.2

Here is a new version of Tamino Workbench, version 2.3.2.

I solved a few bugs and I hooked up HTMLHelp (now I only need to extend the Help a bit ;-).

This is a complete installation.

TWB_2_3_2.exe (1.19 KB)

Here is an update. You can install this patch on top of the current release (in the same directory where TWB232 is installed).

TWB232 had some problems with documents with a targetNamespace (something that is properly supported as of Tamino version 4). This version is doing a better job.

I would like to thank Paul van der Horst for (indirectly :wink: reporting this bug.

Paul also reported a problem when you try to connect to a non existing database. TWB ‘crashes’ in that case. Unfortunately I can’t reproduce this crash on my machine (Windows 2000 Prof and Windows XP Prof).

Rudolf de Grijs
TWB_2321_patch.exe (1.2 KB)