Tamino on Red Hat Server 3.0


I have a problem while installing Tamino 4.1.4 on Red Hat Enterprise Server 3.0.

Installation finishs without any error, but if want to browse my Tamino DB on the SHM admin frontend, I get the error: (ARG2010) Error writing to pipe

Any solutions for this problem?

I know that Tamino supports only Red Hat Server 2.1, but what is the technical problem with 3.0?

Had to make some links to libraries with different naming (e.g. libdb.so <=> libdb.so.2).

But as I mentioned, installation finishs without an error.

Thanks in advance for your help.



It’s SMH error:
ARG2010 ? Error writing to pipe
Probable Cause:
The write operation to a pipe for passing parameters to an agent failed.
Possible Solution:
This is an internal error produced by the CSLayer server (argsrv) in the system call “write”. Try to continue or re-start the server and if the error persists, contact support.
I sometimes get ARG2010 (not on Red Hat). In my case restart helps.