Tamino DOM interface

I wrote an application using VB and tamino activex , my application works when it is on the system that tamino server is installed on but do not work on another system
mytamino.csDatabaseURL = “http://client08.itec.net/tamino/NFL_DB/Hospital
(no answer to queries )
what is the reason ?
(my application is the one in tamino welcome demo)



Is it possible to directly access the Tamino database from the “other system”?
If a query like “http://client08.itec.net/tamino/NFL_DB/Hospital?_xql=/*” doesn’t work, I would suspect there is a firewall blocking access to client08.


I can access my database running interactive interface from another system but my vb application does not run from a remote system


Any security settings enabled in the webserver/Tamino?

To be able to use an ActiveX control (such as TaminoX.ocx) it does need to be registered on your local runtime box [e.g. regsvr32 TaminoX.ocx].