Simple VB Exemple don't work on my server

I’m a new user of Tamino and I try simple exemple in C, VB. When I try to connect to my Tamino Server ( the following existing and running dB, http://localhost/tamino/mydb, “HAAXJE8400 HTTP Error 23058684, ,” is returned.

I’ve tried to find any error list in the Tamino documentation with no success.

I hope anyone can help me!

Dave Vuistiner
HEVs, Sion / Switzerland

You should generally be able to access Tamino using just bare HTTP/URLs in a browser. E.g. if the database is up and running then doing the following using a browser should produce a result:


Yes you’re right but my dB is running and works, but I want to develop a Visual Basic program that access my dB and I cannot!

Dave Vuistiner
HEVs, Sion / Switzerland

OK - just checking.

Have you tried running sampleVBXML? It might not be included with your distribution but a zip of it was provided in an earlier message in this group.

sampleVBXML initializes the ActiveX control as:

Set TamX = CreateObject(“TaminoX.TaminoX1”)
Call TamX.Initialize
TamX.csDatabaseURL = “http://localhost/tamino/mydb/ino:etc

Yes, I work with the VB sample from the forum. The code lines from your last reply are the same in the sample…

Where the problem come from?

Dave Vuistiner
HEVs, Sion / Switzerland

Given the information you have supplied it is quite difficult to ascertain the problem.

Did the sampleVBXML program run for you? Could you ping the database using it?

What is the version number of TaminoX.ocx? Are you using a recent MSXML3 or MSXML4?

It’s OK for my problem. I have installed MSXML4 (upgrade from MSXML2) and it works fine.


Dave Vuistiner
HEVs, Sion / Switzerland