Tamino DB on CD


Is it possible to run a tamino database on cd? One of our prospects plans to distribute information thru cd media that will contain the data from their main tamino server.

Yes it is possible.

Check the documentation, I believe there is some guidence there.

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Thanks Simon for the quick reply. Anyway have another question regarding tamino on CD. What can we do if the generated image of the master db is greater than 650mb/700mb, which is the common capacity of CD media? Do you suggest we chop the master db to two new db’s for it to fit?

Hi Jolly,

Well I can think of two possibilities:

1) As you say you could create multiple dbs, but I would guess that the application would require them all to be online at the same time. It would of course complicate the application implementation.

2) Burn the database onto DVD. Providing the OS supports it this should give you around 4GB to play with.

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