who know the capability of Tamino SDK?

Hi ,why we select Tamino?as a database,I couldn’t get the capability of it?

What does it mean to have an XML database? The “one thing” that hooked me on Tamino immediately was this:

I had a fellow developer show me how to upload a DTD into Tamino. This creates the space (collection) within Tamino to save XML documents that are compliant to the DTD. It sounds fairly silly perhaps.

I made myself a practical example. I used the log4j DTD. I now took all my log4j xml files and uploaded them. Now I have my log4j files available with a given URI. Useful? Yes, because now all can have access to my files through an http connection through my Apache.

Useful? It depends on usage. Now I’m replacing pieces of a real application with a Tamino implementation. The XML data can be used outside of the application now, not like before tied to a relational database. The data is now more portable. I can publish URI references for partners who can now download latest information.

Sound all too good? Perhaps, since the client tools are not 100% ready for prime time. There are small, but irritating, bugs at the time of this writing. Delete is one of those. But the server itself is a simple dream.

Just order the XML starter kit. Make your own opinion. [not a paid advertisement :wink: ]


Tamino is a database like any of the RDBMS you know. all of these databases sit there and you end up doing a server side development and front ends. Same as tamino I have tamino as a backend, A Java Application as my server side development, Currently I’m developing JSPs, and guess what two of those are working fine. Give it sometime Tamino woll rock the show. Every baby has his/her defects unitl he/she can stand on his/ he feet