Tamino ??? helpp!!!

We are writing a paper about Tamino and its functionality. Can somebody provide us usefull information? We where thinking for example about a paper that discribes
- functionality of the DBMS,
- criteria where we can examen the functionality
- examples where this critera is shown

thank you very much

Ton de Vries


Did you get any information till now?
I am writing something similar but seperating Tamino against some RDBMS and OODBMS.
Some Information about these things you will find in the Tamino Helpdocuments (coming with the Starterkit) and some interesting Material about Databases in general (also native XML DBs) you will find on the Homepage from Bourret at http://www.rpbourret.com.

I am very interested in your Paper! May be you can mail me a copy if you are finished?