Required PDF link and brief details about Tamino (webMethods Tamino)

Hello All,

I am new in webMethods Tamino, so could you please share Tamino PDF links and documents if anyone having.

also how can I migrate TAMINO to SQL…

I will be very happy if somebody can helps me.

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You can request access to the documentation site through your forum membership (Forum > Documentation).

If you are at a Software AG customer, go to If you don’t presently have empower credentials, please contact your site representative for access.

Once on the documentation site, will take you to the October 2018 release documentation, or for PDFs.

Process to migrate Tamino to SQL depends on the schema of the XML documents you want to migrate as you have to "flatten" your database schema to map Tamino documents, nodes and elements to RDBMS tables and columns. XML’s multiplicity and option for recursive structures does not map easily to SQL.

Sure,Thanks Kelly for your valuable response.

Also could you please let me know below questions info?

How Tamino is helping webMethods and how to connect tamino DB with webMethods?