Tamino Database Size

I have 350MB XML Documents ( in 700 XML files), and I loaded into Tamino ( no index defined, Tamino

The data space size I got from “Database->Information->SpaceUsage” is only 50MB. The problem is, since Tamino is text-based storage, how can it use 50MB space to store 350MB XML documents?

Besides, when I use Tamino Data Loader to load an XML file, it has the following info:

XML volume = 580471 bytes
Upload escaped volume 788619 bytes

What does “escaped volume” mean?

Thanks a lot!


As far as I know Tamino uses a ZIP-algorithm on the data when it makes the physical storage of the document, but only if it determines that it’s a “good idea” (this behaviour can be changed in the schema definition - if you don’t like it ;-).
I guess “escaped” means that a lot of characters need to be escaped in order to use the HTTP protocol.

XMill: http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/xmill/

I checked the scheme definition, although I can specify “No compress”, but that works only for small XML documents. For large documents, Tamino always compresses it.

Is there anyway the XML files won’t be compressed? Will there by any gain for retrieval speed?



“none”: Do not compress small data records. This setting makes sense if you expect most of your documents to be reasonably small ( < 8000 characters ), and you want to optimize processing speed, sacrificing storage space. Large documents are not effected by this setting.