Compression of documents


In the FAQ, on this site, i read that it is possible for users to compress data in the Tamino DB.

Can you tell me how those files are compressed?
Is it by using Zip or ARJ, or those Tamino uses its own compression method?

Are compressed documents still accesible for users? For example. If I have a compressed document in my DB. And I want to work on the document by using XMLSPY, Does Tamino first have to de-compress the document or can I work on it richt a way?
If Tamino does have to de-compress the document, How many time does it take, with for example a strongly compressed document?

Thanks for answering my questions.

Best Regards


Hello Denis,

The Tamino WebDAV Server does currently not compress the stored documents out of the box.

But (using Tomcat 4) you could write a Tomcat filter, which compresses the documents when storing and un-compresses them on retrieve time. You could choose your own compressing algorithm, or use the Java build in ?Jar? compressing algorithm. If you would compress the complete document all XML documents will look like binary data and are stored in the nonXML area. If you still want the XML documents to be stored in the XML area (under the ?right? schema) you could choose to compress parts of the XML document only (e.g. only some sub trees, or only the element content). This decision depends on the needs of your application and scenario.

Best regards,