Compression of documents stored in Tamino


In the FAQ, on this site, i read that it is possible for users to compress data in the Tamino DB.

Can you tell me how those files are compressed?
Is it by using Zip or ARJ, or those Tamino uses its own compression method?

Are compressed documents still accesible for users? For example. If I have a compressed document in my DB. And I want to work on the document by using XMLSPY, Does Tamino first have to de-compress the document or can I work on it richt a way?
If Tamino does have to de-compress the document, How many time does it take, with for example a strongly compressed document?

Thanks for answering my questions.

Best Regards


Hi Dennis,

the compression of documents in Tamino is always performed completely transparently, and thus is invisible to the database user.

This means, documents are compressed ‘on the fly’ when they are stored and decompressed when they are retrieved. There are several algorithms used for compression, and tamino decides internally which one to use to achieve best performance vs. disk-usage balancing. Under rare circumstances it might be desirable to force tamino to always use ‘strong’ compression, sacrificing processing speed for less disk-space consumption. You can achieve this by setting the compression mode of a doctype to always in the schema-editor. However, under most conditions tamino will perform best by setting the compression mode as smart, what is the default value.

regards, Martin