Tamino 3111 on LINUX

We can’t start automatically the following shells at the start of system:
sagarg, sagargml, sagargev and sagxts.
We have been started this manually every time that we start the system (boot).
Who knows what kind of error can be ???

Karina Olivares
Consist Brazil

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Hi Karina,

what runlevel are you starting up your linux box ? If it is runlevel != 3 you have to manually add the mentioned init scripts to the approriate rcX.d directory. I belive the problem is documented in the release notes to .
To find out what runleve your system is after booting type the “runlevel” command in a shell.

Linking the runleve scripts is done the following way (as root do):

cd /etc/rcX.d # where X is the runlevel ie. 5
ln -s …/init.d/sagargev ./S59sagargev
ln -s …/init.d/sagarg ./S60sagarg
ln -s …/init.d/sagargml ./S61sagargml
ln -s …/init.d/sagxts ./S64sagxts

# and in order to ensure daemons will shutdown on halt do

ln -s …/init.d/sagxts ./K36sagxts
ln -s …/init.d/sagargml ./K39sagargml
ln -s …/init.d/sagarg ./K40sagarg
ln -s …/init.d/sagargev ./K41sagargev

hope that helps …

cheers … Bjoern

If I recall correctly, SuSE 7.0 had run level 3 as the default run level while SuSE 7.2 uses run level 5.