Take on Seeburger XI/PI adapter


I was wondering if anybody has worked on Seeburger XI/PI adapter and how it stands in comparison to webMethods EDI.

These are specific things I am looking for…
Cost, Functionality, Ease of implementation, Training effort.


So are you working on XI/PI product and wanted to use Seeburger Adapter for EDI implementation…OR do you already use webMethods EDI Module now??

I know Seeburger is very matured product with EDI etc on XI/PI…you can do anything like webMethods EDI Module does…

I believe Cost wise XI itself can provide Seeburger/EDI as add-on component isn’t??



We are in the process of evaluating both the products. I have good background in webMethods, little in XI/PI and none in Seeburger. If I have to choose myself it would be webMethods, but I need to come up with a justification and weigh in both the products without prejudice. That is the reason I am asking somebody who has real experience in XI/PI Seeburger Adpter.


I have not worked on the Seeburger EDI but in one of my clients project they use both webMethods EDI and XI/PI (with seeburger edi) and they are equally intergrated products ease of use and roubust attended the demo also…and slowly they are replacing wM EDI and moving to PI as they are a big SAP shop too…

Definetely some one here will chim in more details on Seeburger real implementation vs wM EDI (My choice).


Hi Experts,

I am new to the Seeburger EDI translator.Could you please suggest me any website or forums on seeburger.

Thanks in Advance,

Please google it and a best bet…