Training on EDI, RosettaNet

Hi Peers,

Could anyone suggest me, any training institute or person who can provide online training on EDI and RN topics.


Software AG documentation is best source for it and if you want to know in data level try google it

I have gone through the SAG’s documentation. It’s not that clear to me with which i can write code to convert idoc to EDI or EDI to other formats. Hence forth just checking if some one train me online i can learn it in a bit short time.


Please contact SAG Educational services CS and they can assist or refer you the ESB/EDI side of training and this forum is not meant for training and ofcourse it can help you moving forward with any technical issues in your EDI interfaces/mapping etc…

As already there are tons of EDI threads which is migrated from (formerly webMethods forum) in this same webMethods EDI section: