System file aliases

While checking the release notes for the latest NEE release I came across the interesting new System File Aliases feature.

Unfortunately this new alias feature won’t accept file numbers greater than 254 despite the fact that Natural has supported double byte system file numbers for many years. I had hoped to simplify our extract processing and use our production copy FUSER files but they are numbered 301-306!

I don’t believe this one slipped through quality control!

When running Natural purely on the PC, the maximum file number that can be set in the Natparm when setting system file assignments is 255. On the mainframe as you state this can be more and Natural Engineer when running on the mainframe allows the definition of file numbers greater than 255. What version of Natural Engineer are you running and in what configuration ? PC, Mainframe, Unix, SPoD ?

Hi Graham,

We’re using NEE6218 via SPoD on both the Windows XP client and z/OS server.


Graeme Lane