Allocation of work file in Natural


I understand that allocation of work files for a Natural program would be defined in JCL with DD names CMWKF01, CMWKF02 etc etc.

Is there any other way to define work files or rather is there an option of creating/allocating work files from natural environmnet.

Thanks in advance,

USR2021N in Library SYSEXT provides what you are looking for.

Where to I find this library? Is it something that is available in all versions of natural and by default?

Check in from main menu:
_ User Exit Examples SYSEXT

I think generally developers are not permitted to log in to this library.

Right, SYSEXT is available on all platforms on all versions of Natural, but may be protected by NATURAL Security. The 2nd possibility is that SYSEXT isn’t defined to NATURAL Security at all, in which case noone can “see” it.

Hi Wolfgang,

The example USR2021P in SYSEXT resolves any of my problems, but its runs in MVS only.
Exists a similar solution for VSE?


Unfortunately - no.

The operating system interface used by USR2021N isn’t available on VSE.

do you have some examples of code that use USR2021 to allocate and read a file in TP mode (/batch)