SYSOBJH on Natural 6.3.2 for Windows

When I try and run SYSOBJH on a newly installed Natural 6.3.2 for Windows it fails with a message “Define name of Work File 8 failed” and then SYSOBJH terminates.

I’m guessing this is a setup error but nothing in the help file indicates what needs to be setup.

This error happens if opened from the menu bar or if opened from the command line



Well I have found the answer, it seems that the message is a little misleading. I had the work file parameter set to allow 10 workfiles, I changed it to allow 32 and SYSOBJH runs fine, so it seems that it is actually using a work file above 10.

Object Handler uses files 11 - 15 internally. It also uses 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10, but not 8, which was cited in your error message. :?: