Error using SYSOBJH

Encountered error as captured below when using SYSOBJH, the error message obviously not very helpful (OINREPRT is not viewable), any clue?

I was using Natural v.6.2.2 on windows.


Please allocate work file 4. It seems to be needed. Depending op which function of SYSOBJH you run various work files may be needed.

You can allocate work files in the Natural Configuration Utility (natparm).

Hi Mogens,

Thanks for the quick reply, it does work after specification of the work file. However, I still don't expect user (user of SYSOBJH) to specifiy work files before a bundled utility like this to work. Is it really a design? Is it documented somewhere. 

 Much appreciated if you can shed some more light.


Hi Alex,

I do not find it strange that this kind of a utility needs works files. It is a very natural part of such a utility. Load, unload, etc. must be read from somewhere or witten to somewhere.

About SYSOBJH and Work Files you can read here: